Friday, 27 November 2009

Strange things happens

For most of us there are strange behaviours to be observed in our workplace. I think thought that after almost 10 year in work I have found the strangest one yet.

If someone leaves work early, the whole floor (aprox 200 people) gives them a round of applause.

There is a massive fridge stocked with beer and wine in the office, no-one drinks from it until Friday after the market closes. They also put on huge amount of crisps and nuts. Then it turns into a feeding frenzy.

All of sudden someone will start some random shout, which will be replicated all over the floor. I have yet to find out the reason for the random yelling.

A lot of people are not able to leave their desk all day some days. Not even to go to the bathroom. I can leave my desk whenever I want and I have never thought about how great that is.

Most people here are male, who are either exceptionally quiet, like the guy to my right who have yet to say a word or exceptionally loud like they guy across the desk. He is one of often random shouters. Maybe it’s a Tourette’s thing.

Most of them have very high octane hobbies; dirt bike riding seems very popular, as is snorkelling around with sharks with dead bleeding fish strapped to you.

There seems to be one woman over 40 on the floor. She seems really cool.

There are 8 big TV screens around the office. Right now they are all showing the cricket.


  1. Hej, I did not understand wy they where screeming!! Was it a signal that the exchange has closed and that the fridge is open or?

  2. well, it sounds like there's a lot of stuff to look at anyway! I like those strange things that happen at the work place, but I don't like working on a sunday. Not at all...

  3. Hej!
    Helt galet... men det låter ganska kul att få titta på. Vad har du för mailaddress nu? Jag har mejlat lite på hotmail addressen, men jag undrar om du har en arbetsaddress?

    Varma Kramar Syrran

  4. Sitter på Radiosporten hela denna dag, jag vill kramas med er alla ist! Vet du Maria, när du skrivit ett inlägg så går jag in tusen ggr för å läsa alla kommentarer oxå, känns lite som vi har släktträff här då, det tycker jag är mysigt!