Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Put the bet on

I’ve put a bet on. But because I don’t know how to put a bet on I only ended up betting on 4 horses for me and A combined. They are as following:
Alcopop (odds 6)
Spin Around (odds 230)
Fiumicino (odds 80)
Daffodil (odds 16)

So I’m assuming with my luck I will win sweet nothing. I’m not a lucky gambler. I have never won anything as a child when we were going to the amusement parks. My sister however would always come home with something, which she would normally share with me as she is a very nice person. I think for next year I will ask her to put my bets on then I’ll be the biggest winner at the races. Yes that will be my plan. Sister K, can you do that for me for Melbourne Cup 2010.

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