Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Yesterday Sydney was hot, hot and hot. 37 Degrees in the middle of day with a mild breeze. I went out for a walk at lunch time and it was like walking towards a giant hair dryer. That type of heat is unexplainable. I know for a lot of people here it’s not even considered so hot but for me, phh I’m just not built for that kind of weather. I walk to fast. I think it will take some time for me to acclimatise.

All of sudden it’s clear why people move slowly in hot countries. Moving fast just isn’t possible, it’s not laziness its survival instinct. And then today the weather is “cold” again. It is 20 degrees and rain. I just can’t get over that you can have an almost 20 degree difference in one day.

I know I will get used to this and that weather is a really boring subject to be talking about but it is all very new to me and I who can help themselves from marvelling at new things. I am also from a family who is obsessed with weather. My mother and grandfather’s conversions always started with an update on the local weather. Even thought the weather my grandfather presented was rarely a representation of the actual weather that had occurred. It is always sunny where he is even thought it might be bucketing down 500 meters down the road.

I was quite interesting to see how much people got into the Melbourne cup yesterday. Women were wearing party dresses and hats/fascinators to work solely for a race that is over in less than 2 minutes. Me and A went out for a walk and drink after work and we saw all the leftovers of the people that had had a party day. All the women stumbling home with shoes in one hand and the fascinators askew. It was great fun to watch and I’m quite happy today that I am not one of those of suffer the day after today.

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