Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sweet as buttons

Today is Mr T’s birthday. Happy Birthday Good Looking. I hope you will enjoy it. For dinner we’re having home made burgers and a six pack of Forex gold. That is what I had for my birthday and I think someone is a copy cat. On your birthday you can have what ever you want, it is the birthday law. Mr T even made me a home made ice cream cake; unfortunately I could only eat little of it as not so good with dairy so he got to eat most of it himself.

Anyway, last night I was struggling home with all the presents, I say struggling as I had bought him a dumbbell set that weighed 20 kilos. It’s interesting how heavy 20 kilos are when you have to carry it to and from the buss.

As I was struggling carrying it across the big open space in front of our building (I was seriously considering dumping it there, take Mr T out on the balcony point at it and say – There’s your present, go fetch) two young guys from the building came to my rescue and helped me carrying it all the way home to the front of our apartment. As they where carrying I was chatting away, they where from Brazil, they had been here since January and they attended to the Hillsong Bible College.

We have a lot of students in our building that attend the Hillsong Bible College. You can say whatever you want about modern evangelical churches like Hillsong, but they do turn out some pretty polite students in their early 20:s, there is no way I would have been as considerate a neighbour as a student as they are. I sure as hell would not have lugged someone else’s dumbbells to their house that is for sure.

So I can add to my many blessings the in general very considerate and polite young Brazilians men in my house.

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  1. Hälsa grattis till Andrew från mig!!
    Hoppas att ni haft en bra födelsedag!!