Monday, 2 November 2009

Melbourne Cup - or the day of crazy hats and grassy stains

Melbourne cup is a huge thing here. The whole country stops for a bit at 2.30 in the afternoon an people pay a huge amount of attention to 24 horses running along a grassy track. And my lord are they betting money. I think it might be the biggest sporting event of the year in regards to amount of money being betted. Also fashion is a big thing for spring racing carnival. Hats are huge in both size and style.

To enter into the generall spirit of things I have decided that I to shall bet money on this. Not knowing anything about horses it would be hard for me to pick the right horses. So to circumvent this and the fact that I have to learn to program C# for my new jobb I decided to build a little C# (pronounced C sharp) application that takes all the 24 horses and randomly picks out a number of them depending on how many I want to bet on.

I have decided that I want to bet on 4 horses for place i.e. if they get in at 1,2 or 3 place I win a little money.

So my bets that have been picked by my new Melbourne Cup Random Winner Picker are as follows:

And A's bets that have been picked by my new Melbourne Cup Random Winner Picker are as follows:

I will put money on them tommorow morgning before work and hopefully will be a millionaire by the end of the day (unlikely as I'm only intending to bet 20 dollars but a girl can dream right).


  1. I think you should by one of those hats! They will look really funny on you and then you can put pictures on the blog and we can all laugh and laugh:) hehe.

    It's so cool that you can build a program that does that, you smartie-smartieson!

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