Wednesday, 24 June 2009

David Jones is my best friend

As I said yesterday I went for an interview on Monday for a short term contract, I found out today that I didn't get it. Which for me was strange, cause I thought I really nailed the interview and this counts as the first interview I've done and haven't got the job. I hope it's not a trend.

It's strange, I have always found that once I get to come to an interview I tend to be able to persuade them that I'm the best and that I am exactly what they are looking for. Does not mean I work well just that I have been able to do the personal hard sell well. I really hope I'm not starting a trend here by not getting the contract.

I was told they gave the job to a guy that had already worked there before as the company made a huge group of people redundant just before Christmas last year. Isn't that a nice Christmas bonus for the employees, hey thanks for the years worked and now your fired. Put that in your Christmas pipe and smoke it.

So maybe it was for the best, I'm being philosophical and positive. I hope I shall be able to nail some other interview/meet and greet at a later stage. I shall try not to talk about it as it seems to jinx it.

Other than that we went back to David Jones to use some more of our wedding vouchers and are now owners of a frying pan, a couple of pyrex dishes and blue checked sheets and an addiction to le crueset cobalt blue cast iron casserole pot.

Well, now i'm gonna go and feed my other new addiction, REALLY REALLY RUBISH TV.
It's awesome. They have the worst TV programs, all the bad bad bad for you reality TV shows.
So King of Queens here I come..


  1. har de lyxfällan? Jag har en teori om att man gillar program om sånt som man är bra på. Det finns tillexempel ett program med några tanter som åker hem till folk och städar. Det tittar jag inte på, det är ju supertråkigt! Men lyxfällan det är bra, då kan jag sitta i soffan och vara nöjd med att jag inte tagit sms-lån, eller kört min ekonomi i botten på något av alla de galna sätt som presenteras i programmet. Jag får dock en lätt bismak i munnen när misstänker att det är roligare att leva så där galet som alla tycks ha gjort, än att vara orolig för PPm valet redan nu...

  2. hihi, syster yster... I love Lyxfällan AND rent hus, as the show's called when two ladies comes home to people to cleen up their mess. I just love it! But the best show is project runway, it's so good I want to make little babys with it. Maria, I think you're very smart about the job hunting, no stress, take your time. puss o slafs!

  3. Katarinas teori är intressant, men jag älskar Rent Hus för det får mig att må bra, för SÅ skitigt som dom som tantnrea ( i min ålder) besöker har jag i alla fall aldrig haft. Så det mår jag bra av. Lyxfällan är tvärtom, där blir jag förbannad på att folk är dumma,det är väl konstigt. Jag tycker att man i skolan ska få lära sig personlig ekonom och budget så man står rustad här i livet. kramar. ps vilken arbetslust man får när himlen är blå och solen skiner...

  4. I interviewed some people the other day. There was one girl who was great but terrible at giving the right answers. We didn't give her the job. Not that you wouldn't have given the right answers. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. But my favourite saying is "What's for you won't go past you." It'll all be fine.