Saturday, 6 June 2009

More flat hunting

Went to see another flat today, led by another snotty agent. I just wanted to shake her and yell - You think you'r all that in your cheap suit and your unironed shirt. Since those are things that really matters when you are angry, get as mean as possible. She was so thin she would have been mortaly ofended if I would have called her fat. Wich is possible the angriest I can be at people.

The flat was awfull, lovely view of a building site, badly fitted carpet that buckled everywhere with beige stains over it ( I can't imagine what would have happened there, don't want to more like it) and all the cabinets in the bathrooms broken. They wanted 700 dollars for that.

But once we did that we went to Surrey Hills for lunch and that was awsome. Great food, fantastic area. I love it. I try to convince A to live there, but He is being obstinate and want to live in the city. It was about 20 degress celcius and bright sun all day. Beautifull weather, the type you imagine when people talk about Sydney.

Tonight we are out for B'day dinner, and last night we went to see Terminator Salvation. I can only describe it as 3 hours I will never get back in my life.

I'm starting to fret about the not living anywhere, I want a work room. I want to get back making things. I was given new tools by A:s dad, a bench drill he made from a sewing machine ( he can make anything that man, so clever, the handiest person I've met. A has not inherited that skill set at all), mandrels in different sizes, files and all sorts of other good stuff. I can't wait to get a table and house to put the table in and work away. My hands are restless.
When I saw this video on Etsy I almost cried with jelousy, for the skill she has and the machines she owns.

Better go downstairs and help out and maybe get dressed and put some make up on, or something.
Hear Yous


  1. Hej!
    Det låter tufft att vara på jakt efter lägenheter i Australien, är du säker på att ni har rätt prisnivå? Eller har ni för höga krav?
    Alva är bra på att bygga kojor, ni kan få lite tipps från henne om ni vill.
    Varma kramar Katarina

  2. Har hört mycket om Alvas kojkunskaper, Id take all the advice I could get;)
    Tufft att ha en syrra i Sydney, hoppas du hittar boplats och rotar dig ordentligt, det har du förtjänat för att våga åka så långt bort. Själv har jag precis förlorat ett val:)


  3. Cecilia Giertta11 June 2009 at 01:09

    Jag förstår precis hur du känner det gumman, men lugn bara lugn, det kommer. Har chockterapeutat mig och försöker bli av med trygghetsnarkomanin, och det går nog, men det drar många tårar. Du kanske skulle bli mäklare? OCh så tänkte jag; att har mäklaren fula ostrukna kläder så är lägenhetena i samam klass. Eller? kramar mamma