Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Funny things about Australia

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There are indeed many funny things for a foreigner in this country, not just the expressions (hurru as hello) or the animal that is out to either amuse you or kill you (emu and red back spiders). But there are more every day things that are amusing.

1.All Australians I know have 2 fridges, one fridge for food and one totally separate drinks fridge.
2.They stand on the left in escalators instead of right.
3.People talk to you, you know actually really talk to you in shops and sometimes on the street. It's freaky as coming from London where people do their utmost to ignore you at all times.
4.The clothes differentiations on the street is extreme, you can see people walking on the streets in full on winter jackets with woollen hats next to another guy wearing shorts and a T-shirt. It's 14 degrees, none of those options are suitable.
5.There are no heating in the houses, just a reverse cycle air-conditioning which is more like a hot air fan. So when you wake up you can see your own breath in the bedroom.
6.North-facing balconies and back yards are more popular then south ones as this is the southern hemisphere and it's all up side down.

These are just a few ones I was thinking about today as I was out for a bit.

I really find the two fridge thing really funny. I don't know why they have that, even people who have little food in the fridge has two fridges. It must be a case of that is just how it's done, not always something you need.

Other than that, we are stumbling into issues with the apartment people. They are to frustrating and annoying to bring up here, hopefully the people will stop being morons and actually look at the information that we are providing instead of saying “we don't normally accept paper work from abroad”. Which is blatantly untrue as I could count at least 40 Chinese students living in the complex.

Anyway, I'm gonna go and be a good girl and do my physio now.
Hear you's later


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  1. People talk to you in the street in Glasgow too. That's the only similarity I can think of between Glasgow and Australia. Although maybe some people have a separate fridge for their Irn Bru.