Sunday, 14 June 2009

Jobs-House-Furniture etc

It seems like things are slightly falling into place with work and furnishing of the new apparment, assuming that we are getting it. We are supplying the apartment people with the information they need, visas, finacial statements etc etc today. So we should find out by the middle of the week how it will go with that.

It also seems that maybe i'm in luck and could walk into a contract position quite soon, I do not know for sure yet so I do not want to jinx it by talking about it.

The same source that would be the provider of the job could also turn out to be the provider of most of all the furnishing we need. I do not want to jinx that either so I say more later, assuming it all falls into place.

So keep your fingers and toes crossed and wish me luck.

Seen even more beaches this weekend, went to clavellie beach and today I spent some lovely time in Vauclause, and boy is that area beatifull. The houses looks like giant mansions and the view is amazing. Imagine waking up to your own private beach and a view of the Sydney Opera house and The Harbour Bridge. It would be hard to be sad in that location.

Hear yous later.

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  1. Det är lite för mycket solar och sandstränder i bloggarna, jag blir extremt avundsjuk!! Jag håller alla tummar och tår också. tusen kramar