Thursday, 11 June 2009

Welcome to Coogee Beach

Cooge Beach water walking
Sydney is surrounded by beaches, well Australia being and island is surrounded by water and hence beaches. It seems to me that the whole culture here is beach focused, even for people who do not like them really, people who do not like to swim or sit in the sun. The beach is still an symbol of free time and relaxation on a day to day basis more then the Swedish 2 weeks of year luxury basis.

Me and A went to the beach located about a 10 minute walk from our friends house today, Coogee beach. It is not Sydney's most impressive or beautiful beach, but look at it. For me it's glorious. I love beaches, I love water, I love the colours and the sounds. My one main dream is at one time live next to the water so I could use it every day. Even days like this where it's 14 degrees in the air and with the wind chill makes it feel like it's below 10 people are swimming and surfing and playing in the water. It seems like the beach is everyone's exercise ground. There where people running, people doing weight training with personal trainers, some group doing stretches and other thingis. But then why wouldn't you. Wouldn't it be more marvellous to run along the beach front then in a gym in front of a TV pumping pictures of a gyrating Lady GaGa at you.
Cooge Beach

On Sunday we went to Bondi Beach which is a 20 minute drive from where we are staying and it too was beautiful and the people, well they where beautiful to. Feeling way out of my comforts zone with 6 extra Thai curry kilos still located around my waist I continued to look at all the fit and beautiful people while eating my full English breakfast with and extra side of bacon.

Other than that we are currently assembling all info for our application for the flat and once that is done I'm going to get down to the serious business of trying to find myself employment. I can't really say much about this at the moment as I mainly spend time worrying about it, not actually doing anything about it. So I will take tomorrow as my last faffing about day and then I will do my lists as per normal and get on with it.

There is a shop opening close to where we live which is a luxury craft shop :-). What a wonderful thing, such a wonderful wasteful thing. I have to get a job if for no other reason that I am intending to spend a fair amount of time in there. Maybe I should ask them for a job, that might actually save me money in the long run. I can look at everything and faff around with it, but not pay for it...Ohhhh...I like it.
my feets after a walk in the water

Now I have to go and find out the price of a fridge as the flats here do not come with fridges or washing machines, But they do come with dryers......which you know is totally sensible as one really need to dry things one can't wash....Nutbuckets....this country sometimes is totally nutbuckets...


  1. Cecilia Giertta11 June 2009 at 23:41

    Fina sandiga tår, låter underbart att bo så nära stranden Maria. När får ni besked om lägenheten? kramar

  2. Perfect perfect perfect. Are you sure you don't miss London? After all we are in the middle of a tube strike.

  3. Åh vilken lyx med träning på tranden. Jag vill också ha ett liv där jag gör stretch på stranden med en PT. Ingen jogg, det orkar jag inte, men lite stretch passar bra!