Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Flat

we got the new flat, which is amazing news, considering the amount of hoops they made us jump. I'm so relieved. Now I can go and use some of those shopping vouchers we got as wedding presents to buy some new sheet, pillows and duvets.

I love shopping for bedding, bedding and tea towels. Those are my things :-). Hey it's better then heroin as an addiction I guess. Cheaper and more sustainable, you don't got to prison cause you have special tea towels that people are not allowed to use. I am a bit a embarrased to admitt that, but they are so nice those tea towells and they are hand made by my grandmother. I think I'm gonna frame them.

Anyway, the area which the flat is in is called Waterloo, which is next to Surrey Hills. Surrey Hills is the most european looking neighbourhood if you like, there are loads of restaurants, cafes and quirky litte shops.

Next to our building there is a street called Danks street, it has a number of really fancy pancy organic food shops and designer furniture shops. And most amazingly an shop selling only Swedish Antiques. Nothing made after the 1960:s. It's a great litle shop with a really nice lady working in it. Apparently the shop is owned by her son that studied design in Sweden, fell in love with swedish design and decided to import into australia. So if anyone in stockholm is wondering where all the nice 1950s design classics are, they are currently located on Danks street, and once I get rich and beatifull they will be in my house.

We are moving in next Friday. So tommorow, David Jones bedding and sheet department here I come. Be afraid, be very afraid.


  1. Wow that's great news! Sounds lovely!

    I'm off to Glasgow tomorrow to see Take That.

  2. Hi,
    Great news, it sound like a perfect area to live in.
    We are preparing for midsummer, and we will celebrate it in the rain, together with the rain, dancing around the "midsommarstång".

  3. Congratulations! Now you can relax! I've googled-mapped your new area, and I can see that you have a place that's called Chippendales right above of your area. Now THAT'S funny...

  4. men hallå! uppdatera uppdatera bruden!

  5. Sounds perfect and congratulations Maria!!!

  6. Kul är det att kommentaren blir postad en timme mindre än vad klockan är. Varför då? Förstår ingenting.
    Stressas inte för jobb Maria, ta det lugnt, det ordsnar sigf. Shoppa loss på svenskt från 60-talet, det är ju klockrent!!