Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ronery...i'm so ronery

The time has passed fast since we got here. We have got our flat, we are moving in this coming weekend. Since the flats here do not come with appliances we have to buy a fridge and a washing machine and other paraphernalia.

Also, in my attempt to purge and not bring to much here I've actually not brought anything. Obviously we have a lot of stuff, everyone does. But we have none of that stuff that one needs, we have no hand towels, towels, kitchen stuff, knife, forks, plates, glasses we do however have a lot of cups. For some reason we have about 20 cups. That seems to be a common issue, R and S also have at least 20-25 cups in their cupboard. I think it might be cause people buy you cups as a present, or you buy a cup cause that cup is nice. A cup does not need to be a part of a set for the kitchen, it can just be your favourite cup.

Anyway, to get to my point. This weekend was rough, I was really sad, and really lonely and so tired. I felt so tired I was worried I had got some serious illness, which I didn't cause I'm not so tired any more. But still, I was worried.

I felt quite lonely which is strange as I have not been alone for 10 minutes since leaving London. I felt sorry for A, cause me feeling lonely and tired is not a person that is up to telling good jokes.

Unfortunately this weekend when I'm in my miserable-selfish feel-sorry-for-myself, I'm-the-saddest in-the-world-mood, we where invited to a party on the Saturday night by my old boss. It was the type of party I would normally love. It was themed, and everyone who was there had really gone to town with the costumes, really clever ones, the food was good, the drink was free ( it was a fund raising thing so you had to pay an entry fee), there was a band, my old boss was in the band playing base, he did good I think, not that I know much about music, but he looked the part.

And I was so tired, I could hardly get dressed, I fell asleep on the way over and looking at everyone knowing a lot of people letting lose on the dance floor, I just felt so horribly home sick and lonely. Not to mention pissed of my head. So I had to go home. We went home at like 11 pm. I mean, even when I was on crutches after my last surgery I didn't leave a party that early.

So that was sad.

But now it's better, the weather is sunny again. I went for an interview for a short contract on Monday, and I think it might have gone OK. I don't know yet, but at least I didn't come across like a moron which is always a plus. We've bought some stuff for our new home. Some really nice sea green towels, and blue ones of course for A, pillows, duvets those sort of things. Once we get into the flat, and actually have some furniture, they should arrive in mid July I will take pictures and show you what it looks like.


  1. We love you! you are great, and you will have a wonderfull life down under. Stay away from the cups and go for a nice wine glass. They don't have to match.

  2. I want to second what my sister just said, my sister K that is, we love you! you are great and your and A:s life in Aussie land will be wonderful! Wine glasses are a great idea, and I would also get some fresh flowers and nice big orcids the first day you move in, it feels much more homey that way! and pretty of course:) älskar dig puss!