Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Crazy Rain- Happy Birthday Syster Yster

Today has had the craziest weather. It's 4 ish in the afternoon and we have gone throught sun, drizzle, tropical downpour, heavy drizzle and then back to sun. So many seasons in a few hours.

We have put in the application for our flat today, you need to provide them with so much stuff, fincial information, previous rentals and employers information. It's the employment information that is missing, I don't have job as yet and A company wont start trading untill 1 of july. So I just hope they will overlook that and take our other finacial information as an OK to the fact that we could pay our rent and speak to our previous landlords who has given us very good references. But you never know, we should know by the end of the week if they OK our application and if they do we can move in the weekend after next. So that would be good, I have enjoyed staying with S and R here, but I'm sure they are getting tired of us. Eventhought we are doing our best to stay out of the way and try to not be to untidy. I just have appaling taste in TV programs and try to force them to watch project runway and Bridezillas.

Belive me Australia has so much rubbish on TV, it's amazing. I love it. As a child I wasn't really allowed to watch crap tv, which means that I'm totally in awe of it now. I can't watch a whole show cause you know, it's rubish and people are really annoying and they are all so stupid. But since all channels here are full of crap I can swap between crap shows and then I can just watch a little bit of them all. It's great, I'm not even missing not having a job. Then again, A has said that we are not buying a TV for our new flat. So I guess that will be my saviour.

Other than that, I've made some plans for my creative endavors for our new flat. What i'm going to make in no particular order is:
1. a blue painting.
2. Some embroidery stuff. I'm thinking a painting again. Something with dandelions...
3. A necklace that looks like a cloud
4. A two leaf necklace, with I think the Parabia Tourmaline I have. It will probably be for me...:-).
5. A present for my BIG SISTER K who has a Birthday today, the 16 of June. Hapy Birthday. I will call her later, but as it is 8 am in Sweden right now I think she is still busy arriving at work and getting a cup of coffe and reading her emails...

So I make a Virtual Song for Her...
Med Blommor och Med blad
Vi firar denna dag
Hurra, Hurra for Syster Yster Idag
Hurra, Hurra, Hurra, Hurra, Hurra
Ja ma hon leva
Ja ma hon leva
Ja ma hon leva i hundrade ar....
Grattis, Grattis...

I will call you in an hour.
Kramar Maria

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  1. Hej syster yster! Hörde ditt meddelande, tusen tack!!! Massa kramar.