Friday, 5 June 2009


We are now in Sydney, officially looking for jobs and housing. I went to see an agent today, as they have recruitment agents here in the same way as in the UK. Sort of like budget version of the Swedish Head Hunters. It was good, I think. It's always hard to tell. They are in business to tell you that your CV is great and that you are great and that they'll place you easy peasy. We'll see, I'm talking to him again by the end of next week as it's a long weekend here in Australia. Queens Birthday.

They are a part of the Commonwealth and celebrate the strangest British things.

We also went to see an apartment today and the rental system here is crazy. I'm not kidding you, crazy. Instead of “registering” with an agent you have to go to these “open houses”, basically it means that for 15 minutes the agents have the apartment open, you and 11 other couples go in to see it, normally the people who live there are still packing up their crap so you can't really see the flat anyway. Then you go back and apply for the apartment online, and if you are lucky they pick you. No reason why they would pick you over some other couple except you promise to pay a bit more then the apartment is listed for. So instead of 200 pounds a week you pay 250 the apartments are way more expensive in real life then on the listing.

Oh yeah, lest I forget, the estate agents are really not nice, they are rude and uninterested. Couldn't give a toss about you or the flat. So, really it's a great time had by all I'm sure.

So we went to see this apartment today, and it was listed without any pictures on line, it was 800 Aussie dollars a week, about 400 pounds a week. The people who lived there was moving out so their crap was everywhere, and there was cat. Big fat cat smell everywhere. Now, who in their right mind has a cat on the 16 floor in an apartment building. I believe that to be animal cruelty.
The cat smell combined with one if the women's extreme use of perfume made me retch, so funnily enough we decided that it wasn't a flat for us.

To cheer me up, I went and bought a suit and sexy secretary type of dress so I would have something to wear in case I got some interviews. But then since I've now tempted faith by buying these clothes for interviews that I haven't got lined up yet, I will have to go and do some big big knocks on wood, probably with my forehead.

Other purchases was also quite and ugly teal fleece sweater as the house that we are staying in is colder then outside...Ohhh I'm wearing it now. I might look like I fit on Jeremy Kyle (Uk version of Jerry Springer), but I am toasty...

Hear yous later...

Tomorrow – on this bat channel.
I will let you all know about the meeting with the Shoe Lady tomorrow...ohhh Suits you sir

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