Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Super Week

I have been quite busy filling orders lately, which is really nice. I've been working on these sterling silver pendants with freshwater pearls.

I have realised I really like pearls. I never used to, maybe is a sign that i'm getting more mature. I think they look so nice on the skin. So I made this one for me. The benefit of being the maker is that you can do that.

I have also been working on this bubble pendant. It's just a prototype, and it's not finished. The 4 ring from the right will have a pink tourmaline set in it.

Tommorow I start on the ring with the huge square stone. I think I will make the ring in silver and then cast it in gold. Gold is so expensive that it's far most cost efective to cast it so you don't end up paying for all the metal that you file off.

Other then that, i'm quite exhausted and feel that my observation skills of my surroudings have gone. It's like I have just the level of energy to work and make jewellery. All other things becomes superflous.

Other super things. This week is Super Weeek in this household. I'm trying to negotiate the australian pension system that is called Superannuation. By law have to invest my money in funds. I don't like funds. Mainly cause I don't trust fund managers and I don't trust their statements. They are trying to fob me off with long words for simple calculation. And the difference in the level of return from the funds between using the different calculations can be huge.

So I don't like them. But I have to have a Super wheter I like or not so I will choose one that I think are the most safe and most likely to be guaranteeed by the government when it all turns pearshaped later on. So to make this experiance nicer I have named SUPER WEEK. And I will give myself a treat (the above pearl pendant) when it's all over.


  1. The pendants are super, and the cirkle pendant I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's so nice, I wan't it!!! miss hearing from you, it seems like you're doing great.puss:)

  2. Hej, min första kommentar... jag smygläser ibland...

    Vad du är duktig!! Jag håller med Lovisa, den runda - så snygg!

    Stora Kramar