Sunday, 16 May 2010

Working away

A lot of exiting things have happened in the last few days. I sold the above ring in my Etsy shop and I finally figured out how to make a good setting for the big moonstone order I have.

This stone has caused a lot of problems. The stone is big, 12 mm square and the end result of the ring will be made in gold. Gold is expensive, hence making this ring in gold would be a bad idea. I would have ended up filling away a small fortune. My plan is to make the ring in Silver and then make a casting model of it and have the ring cast in gold. That way I don't waste any extra gold and the client aren't spending money on metal that ends up on my floor.

More things are in the works for my other Job. Which are also exiting but I can't talk about that yet. So I will keep quiet and go and make a band for the big moonstone ring..


  1. Jag gillar dina bilder!
    Superfin ring, du gör verkligen profsiga saker nu.
    Kul med spännande saker på jobbet.
    Våren har kommit till oss. Någon gång de närmsta dagarna kommer kanske att ha samma temperatur utomhus.

  2. Hej Gumman
    Nice to se it in "stillbild". It was litle bit hard to se the details over Skype.
    I like the looks of thesquare one enad the gigant setting of the orther will be very ni ce to se the result of


  3. Hip hip hurra for you, selling another ring! I's really, really nice, a typical Maria-ring=)

    Today I've planted geraniums on my balcony, it lookes soooo nice, if you were here we could drink wine there, now I only drink water 'cause it's hot in Stockholm now!!! Bisou! (I have to practise my french for Burkina Faso!)