Monday, 26 April 2010

Not Much

I have not been writing much lately, unfortunately I've not really found anything interesting to say.

We spent the weekend up north in the heat, it was still so hot that I feel slightly wozzy at time and the humidity makes my hair all flat. The trip lead to a big dip in the bucket of gemstones and bunch of new orders. Which is nice. There is one amazing ametrine, which I hope I will be able to make something interesting out off for Mr T:s niece, there is a whole load of lovely zircons, some white topaz and a big deep red/orange stone that i think might be something like a citrine that is quite interesting but I will have to do some more testing and get back to you about what it actually are. The light pink stone is called YAG (Yttrium aluminium garnet ) that is a synthetic stone. It used be used a lot as diamond stimulants, but since cubic zirconia was "invented" is not as popular as it's not as cheap to fabricate.

Other orders I will finish this week are these 5 different pendants that has been ordered. And another two rings with very big stones. So I reckon I'm going have to get cracking on this making jewellery bizz..
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  1. Wow its nice that you are "back on your page" again. I have misse reading about your life.
    Beiing in the geginning of spring its nice to hear that there are stikll places where you get woozy by the heat!!

  2. Finally, you're back! I thought we'd lost you forever! It seems as you have had a lot of new orders, congrats!

    I like the pink stone although it's bullied for not being "authentic". Hurray for pink!

    I went to the licorice festival this saturday, everything was soooo good. And I found out that there's a store at Odenplan called The licorice root where you can buy all sorts of different nice candys. So, if you want, I can send you some, or the next person who's going to visit you can get some with them. PUSS!

  3. Jag har saknat dig på nätet, kul att se att du är tillbaka. fantastiskt roligt att du fått beställningar på dina fina saker.
    kram katarina