Thursday, 6 May 2010

Professor David Harvey – my new crush

David Harvey - The Enigma of Capital - Kings College from swpUkTv on Vimeo.

I'm watching BBC world news interviewing Professor David Harvey about the future of capitalism. He has quite a few interesting point about our need to think about alternatives to capitalism as endless growth is no longer a possibility.
Now I don't totally agree with Prof Harvey on all his points, I think he painting a very bleak picture for our future. But his main point that continuous growth of 3% of our economy is unsustainable, financially, politically and ecologically.
But more importantly, I really like the way he talks and explains things plainly. I always find that the smartest people are the people able to explain complex issues with very few simple words. If you can say something like ...a Credit Default Swap works just like an insurance..
Then people understand what that is, everyone knows what insurance is, you give someone a little bit of money often and if something goes wrong that someone are suppose to give you lots of money. However they often find a way for you not get any of it without giving them more beforehand.
Anyway, I will know have to go and get some of Prof. David Harveys book such that I can decide whether he is right or wrong (in my opinion) and not just get charmed by his fuzzy Santa Beard and softy softy eyes. I have a tendency to dislike Marx and Engel and so I might be a little hard to convince.
If anyone want to see how Economics Santa Looks and sound here he is talking about the Enigma of Capital

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  1. Skall helt klart lyssna på honom under dagen idag.
    Tack för tippset.
    Jag gillar tanken på att vi skall löpa tjänster istället för saker, dvs att vi gå på teater och äter god "slow food" istället för att köpa tröjor. Då kan vi ha tillväxt, men den är miljövänlig.