Thursday, 20 May 2010

Proof of concept


My Cousin is getting a PHD. Wich is kind of cool, she will be a doctor that helps people. Hence a doctor with a PHD. I used to work in a team where I was the only one that didn't have a phd. They where all doctors that didn't help people as their Phd's where all in maths.

Anyway I digress. I got asked by my dad to make a present. Hence DAD this is the begining of the idea. I wil make a flower shaped lariat pendant. With the little blue briolette topaz that you can see in the picture. With matching earings.

Do you think it's a good idea. Or you want me to go back to the drawing board..???

The ring for the big stone is getting there. I will just have to go and have it cast in gold. That will have to happen next week.

So im slowly working my way throught my to-do list.

Very slowly. That is the problem when I only have 1 hour each night to do it after work.
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  1. I think it is very nice. I thin that U prefers to have the earrings not attached directly to the ear! Rather hanging but not to big or to "far down"

  2. Oh, so you have to take a PHD to get some sparklies?

    Well, that's...not even possible for me, darn my hatred of going to school!

    It lookes very very nice, she'll be soooo happy.

  3. superfint! det blir toppen och vi blir stolta som får lämna fram informationen om presenten