Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I figured it out

Lately it has been getting a little colder, and little wetter and a lot dark. And I've felt like something is missing. Like I'm waiting for something fun, cheerfull and more festive. It just struck me what it is. It's Christmas. I'm used to a long and dark winter that is broken up with a bright shiny festive point. I think that is we are so obsessive about Christmas, it's the brightest thing that happens in winter. And in northern europe the winter is long.

Here the autumn/winter is very short, it's not that cold in Sydney. However there are places in Australia that get's really cold (not like -25 but your know enought for fake snow). But it's dark and there is no festive element with added holiday. And that is what I'm missing. I'm a huge fan of christmas, it's my favourite holiday. Mainly cause of the Christmas crafting and the food and the cookies. Big fan of the cookies, and the festivitites. That breaks up the long and dreary winter. But here there is no such thing. No special winter cookies or holidays or festivities.
Maybe that is what I need to do, invite a bunch of people for winter festivities. I reckon a roast or a casserole would be a good thing to serve, some red wine, lots of warm and festive food.

I shall have to think about this one, there are some problems with this plan.
1. A plate broke , so we only have 5.
2. We don't have that much room. It wuold be very cramped. But maybe we don't invite so many people. Only like 5 or so, that could be a good reason to buy new plates.

Maybe I trick mr T to go to IKEA so I can buy plates.

Maybe Midsummer...maybe we can do a a winter midsummer festivitity..
I shall have to have a think


  1. It is dinner party weather. Maybe I'll have one and invite you and AT (and you can go to Ikea in the meantime and then invite me over). And just one thought to get you through... it will be beach weather again much sooner than it ever is in the UK, and it will be much better - we are spoilt! PS - love the photo!!! xxx

  2. Or have a cocktail party at your house (but you must invite me)!

  3. Midsummer party in the winter sounds like a brilliant idea. I can send you a miniature midsummer pole, if you make sure to teach you friends the infamous dance “little frogs”.
    You’ll probably have warmer weather then we have on midsummer, as it might be one of our coldest summer days.

  4. Must be really strange with the backwards seasons. But you'll get used to it. You can have a dinner party and then force people to dance and jump lige froggs and play the violin and slide once here and there and then down in to the ditch. And wash their clothes on monday and go to the church. And dance bom-faller-all-anlej. Tjo!