Monday, 24 May 2010

80 men in Sequinned Dresses

We spent the weekend in the Blue Mountains, which is the mountainous area about 2 hours west - north west of Sydney. It's an area that looks very much like the Grand Canyon except covered with eucalyptus trees.

You can see in the photo (where I do my weird tilting my head and squint pose) how beautiful the views are. There are these views all over the place. This is just one of the look outs up there.

I have been up in the mountains 3 times. Each time I end up borrowing clothes from my 5 foot 1 inch great auntie because I'm so cold. It is so much colder up there then down here in the City. You forget between each time how freaking freezing it is..

Most of the towns in the mountains are rather small and cute and you know small towns. Hence you don't expect to go into a bar and see 80 men dressed up in full on sequinned ball gowns that is for sure.

We went to an old hotel in the little town of Katomba for a drink before dinner, as I entered the bar I was struck that there was a lot of very tall females in there. Which in itself is not strange, Australian women are rather tall. At 5.7" I often feel short here.

But then I have a closer look and all the tall females are actually there for a Transgender formal dance. Except for the Ladies(men) in their ball gowns there was some Men(women) dressed in their formal dinner suits. But the Ladies(men) stood out more in their dresses mainly due to the bright colours and the amount of work these ladies had put into their outfits.

The variety of styles was huge. There was some that looked like they stepped just of Dancing with the Stars,all sparkly and chiffony, and some with full on taffeta ball gowns and one girl in a very very very short lemon yellow hardly butt-skimming dress.

I was thinking all the other ladies in there would think she was the slut, cause she was wearing such a short dress.

Anyway, the night was young when we left them but they all seemed to have a good time. The reason I was so surprised was it was a very unexpected place to walk in on 80 men dressed in sequins.

Other than that.

I have learned to re-wire old school porcelain fuses.

We have had a wedding invitation that was sent to us taken by quarantine as the paper that the invitation was written on had straw in it.

And Mr T is happy to report that Chilli Chicken soup and Raspberry bagel work together well as a flavour combination.


  1. I am sorry that it isn´t a close up. I love girls with a squint. Blue moutains is fantastic but only as a sight. The wood is i does not look like its not well keept (from a swedish prespectiv). The eucalyptus trees creates a lot of waist and it looks very unatended.

  2. Typical dad "The forrest is dirty". hehe, just kidding.

    I love when you get in the middle of a situation that surprises you, just like the one with the ladies at the bar.

    When I and O were in Barcelona last summer, and we were on our way home from a bar, we heard some drums from an old buidling. We followed the noice and it led us in to a huge salsa party between some old buildings, under the stars people were dancing like crazy. So we joined in (we don't know how to salsa) for two hours, and then went home to sleep. So unexpected, and SO FUN!

  3. How ruuude of the quarantine to confiscate my wedding invitation! I guess they thougt someone would try to smoke it...haha../Katrin