Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Energy - Smenergy - Bubbles

I have been lacking in energy in the last few weeks. I normally have to much energy, to the level where I can be a bit annoying to some, I have been informed on occasion.

But these last few weeks I have been really tired and not very creative. And far to emotional really to work on any new ideas. The necklace above is a prototype for a new Design. I do like the bubble concept and the benefit of making a prototype is not just that I get to be the owner of new jewellery but also that I can figure out that works and what doesn't during the production.

For this necklace when I make another one I will make the bubbles in round silver wire and maybe wire that is 1.1 or 1.2 mm instead of square wire as it tends to twist. I mark out clearer where the solder joins are going to be. And I will make the setting for the stone higher then the other "Bubbles". For prototype I made the setting for the tourmaline about the same height as the other bubbles and that makes it very very hard to set.

Back to the tired, the problem with being tired when you work on a new design is that you can get very upset when it doesn't work out the way you planned. Instead of looking at it as an opportunity to work out how to make the piece the best way you focus on your result not being perfect. And perfect has always been very important for me. I think I have to learn that for prototypes "good" is good enough. Or Perfect is the enemy of done...

Anyway. In regards to the tired. I think my body is just so surprised that the days are getting shorter but it's May. Maybe it will get better if I eat more watermelon. Watermelon solves a lot of problems I found. I also saw at the cricket that it makes a rather fetching hat here it is modelled by a cat. But if you imagine a row of drunk aussies yelling "HOWZAT" you get what I'm talking about.

Other than that. I've been wanting to make a B'day card for my sister. But can't decide about a design. So I was thinking I'll do it themed on 34. But then I found that rule number 34 on the Internet is "if it exist, there are porn about it". And I don't think I can do a B'day card on porn for family. So I have to come up with a new one. Maybe "Dancing Shoes"
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  1. I like "dansing shoes"!! The bubbels looks nice but are the possible to where or do they scratch the skin??
    By the way nice hat when did you by that??

  2. I absolutely LOVE the cirkle neckless!!! It's my all star favourite! And I adore the chunky chain too, you're the best syster M!

    On the being tired, maybe you're just not getting enough sleep? But you're probably right that it's the backwards spring-fall you guys have down there.

    Today the sun's shining in Stockholm, and me and Olle ate one 88:an and one Sandwich (not each! and for the english readers, those are ice creams) on our balcony, tasted great, and I always think of you when someone is eating a 88:an! puss!