Wednesday, 3 February 2010

lets reignite our love for 1970:s style pornstar looks

on my wedding day I received a pendant from one of my sisters, it's gold coloured and circular with a big paste stone in the centre. Like a medallion, on the day itself I had sown the pendant into my handbag, but now I often wear it with a gold chain I got from my grandmother when I turned 15. I often wear it when I feel like I need a little more protection. Days when I am a little low. It's quite a heavy piece and it feels substantial in your hand. It's the type of jewellery that you feel would save you from a bullet if it could.

I am very attached to all my jewellery pieces, I remember who gave me them and when. They all mean something to me and they all fit different moods, I tend to wear jewellery more based on moods then outfits. And this particular pendant is my i need some extra padding today mood necklace.

So what I have been thinking and working on lately are pendants as medallions, but not in that 1970:s hairy chested pornstar kind of medallion. More a substantial shape to be able to hold on to when the going get's rough. They have to be substantial but not overwhelming, they have to be sleek and shiny as all my things are, not hippyish or frilly. Not that I don't appreciate hippyish style jewellery, I just can't make it. It's not in my design language if you like. When I try it looks silly and contrived. So I find it's better to stick to your natural affinity, with the risk of sounding pretentious, your own voice.

Anyway. I will put some pictures up later today or tomorrow to show where I've gotten with my medallion ideas, it's going slow. I guess its a step on my super hero jewellery idea I started thinking off about a year ago.

I would love to hear what people think about medallions. Is it something that we can resurrect as a design piece or are they so horribly attached to leather skinned hairy chested men that we can't see past their previous incarnations into a bright new future for them.

The Picture above of course has nothing to do with my pendant or any of the jewellery I've been working on, but it is a medallion and that had to be good enough.

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