Friday, 26 February 2010

Humans in Jewellery - How to get there

I read this fantastic article about using humans in your product photography, and I must admit to saying that photography is my least liked part of making and selling jewellery. I'm not that good a photographer, I do however have a great camera. I find photography frustrating as I have a view in my mind how it should all look and then they come out looking all different.

I also find the lighting settings hard and remembering that all little dust specs shows up in macro photography even harder. It is funny because I used to really like photography, I have stacks of photos from when I used to be a part of the photo class in grade 7-9 in school. I loved the dark room, the making, the fixing and they playing around with all the different solvents and see what effects you could get by mixing them wrong, quite funny ones I tell you.

The article is about using people in your jewellery photography, and I like the idea of that. However here in Sydney I know very few ladies who would go for a photo session where the result would end up on the Internet and more importantly they are very busy ladies, they are running families, growing families, running offices and running the world, they stand in court and argue cases and cook dinner for 5. So the likelihood that they would have a substantial amount of time (and I think it would take a substantial amount of time) to waste to let me photograph them (again I'm not a great photographer so I would probably take a while) is pretty slim.

Unfortunately I have none of my very attractive sisters here to bully into a photosession and the only one I could think off that would be available is my sisters very pretty friend who is here as a student for a couple of months.

So Lilla Syster Visan Fisan, do you think if I asked S she would be OK with that?? Or do you think she would think I'm a crazy woman trying to take her picture and put them on the internet and pass myself of as her on a dating site or something equally crazy. I would pay her in dinner and a necklace maybe or cash as she is a student she probably likes cash? Do you think that would be fair??? I know I could probably not call in more favours as she was so nice to help to set up for the wedding and all and refused to take money for that.


  1. I think you should ask S, but she's not that keen on getting her photo taken. When I try to play paparazzi with her around she always get really angry. But maybe that's because I get up in her face, wanting her to look sad allt the time. I like sad, sinsear photos... Ask her, I know she will at least think about it:) Maybe A culd wear a wig and model your designs for you, I know that no other jewellerty maker has that kind of model:) hehe!!

  2. Hej vännen,
    jag håller med om att människor på bilderna gör dem mer levande. Det är tilloch med så att de inte ens behöver ha på sig smyckena. En bild på vacker hand lite utsuddat i bakrunden får en att tänka på att min vill ha den där ringen på sin hand. En annan tanke är ett par örhängen i på ett sminkbord, med vackert upplagt smink skapar en känsla av fest..
    Strålande idé med att ha människor på bilderna!! Du hittar säkert på ett sätt att kunna fotta vackra människor.

  3. Be Andrew hålla i kameran och var din egen modell!