Tuesday, 16 February 2010

You know this white one...

It looks like this now...

And I have been expirimenting with some little more squirly detailing.

And this one is also a new little experiment.
Of course now I have to wear all these new rings, to test out my new designs. You know to make sure they uphold the quality requirements that I have. So these ones I get to keep myself. It's not that I am a jewellery hoarder at all...It's quality controll not selfishness. I promise.


  1. They're all great, the pink one is very unlike you but I really like it! Brava brava!

  2. jag är imponerad. WoW vad fint!!
    Det där ser ju super ut.


  3. Wow, the white one is spectacular. What kind of stone is that? Wonderful.

    Monica xx

  4. Suveräna Maria, herregud vad du kan.