Thursday, 25 February 2010

Part human Part reptile

I am often to cold or to hot. I'm rarely a good temperature.I deal with both extremes equally badly. I think I'm part lizard as I'm very much attracted to hot stony surfaces to sit on and warm up in the morning. Once I get warm it's almost impossible to cool down. That is why the aircon at work really argues with me, when it's warm outside it's like a fridge inside. When it's cold outside they turn the office into a baking office.

Other news. I've been trying to price up 3 rings to be made in Ct yellow gold. I have found that there are very few sellers of 9 Ct yellow gold in Sydney. They have to get even the most basic material ordered in before they tell you a price, even on the most common things like wire and sheet. I would understand if I was asking for something very different like octagonal setting for a bezel, which they by the way have in 18 Ct white gold.

It seems 18 Ct white gold is the thing to be in Sydney, most shops don't carry much gold jewellery, it seems that the Australian market is only interested in white metals. I personally don't understand why. I love yellow gold. I love the colour, it's so much gentler to all colours and textures. It's softer and less harsh and as I get older i think it's far more flattering for the skin. But it seems that is only me.

It also never fails to surprise me how expensive gold is, even at 9 Ct.

I have also found this Swedish design blog), written in English that is my new huge addiction.

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