Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lilla Moln

I used to call my younger sister boyfriend “Lilla Moln”, (Little Cloud in English), not because he is little, he is actually very very tall. But he has this fluffy curly hair and this very soft but powerful energy about him. It sounds very strange, but if he wasn't him I think he would make a really god cloud.

Anyway, at my wax carving class yesterday I really tried to step out of what I normally do, to do something a little more organic. The process of wax carving is so very different from the process that I normally go through when I make something. The above ring is my first attempt. It's green as it's made of wax. The ring will be cast from this wax model, and then the wax will melt and be no more.

It's starting with a big block and you remove material,whereas when I make jewellery, I normally go about it the other way. You can see the above picture what the piece that you start with looks like. Then you keep filing and sawing until it's what you want it to be.

I wanted to make a ring that was like a little cloud, a little like my younger sisters boyfriend, soft and strong and the same time. I don't think I really got there. The part of my personality that wants things to be straight and even came out in full force halfway through and started to make it less cloudy and more hexagonal..

and those who have seen Mr T:s wedding ring that I spent weeks swearing over they can see that these two look very similar. So now I know, I really should have done this course before I made that ring. I made that one in metal from scratch and it took forever to get all sides evenish, and straight. Particularly since I didn't want to hammer it in shape. So I filed, and filed and then I filed some more. As you can see the ring is well worn. He never takes it off, hence the scrathches.

Underneath is an example of something else I've been working on, the ring is still white from the acid and the stone is not set, it's just to show you kind of the shape of it all. But it will be a chunky claw set topaz ring on a delicate band. This is more my comfort zone. And i'm kind of stepping out of it at this course. So well see how it will end up.


  1. cute that you write about lilla moln, I think it's the perfect nickname for him, I usually call him korvas or prutten. lilla moln is much nicer...

    I think both rings look really good! And you're very brave to go out of your comfort zone with your jewellery! I actually like the wax ring as it is, in wax, it looks like something Phoebe from friends would have worn back in the days. PUSS!

  2. Very interesting. I honestly admire the true jewelry designers, those that know techniques such as lost wax casting instead of merely stringing beads onto a piece of beading cable. This is the art of a true jeweler ! :)

  3. Det är en utmaning för din kreativitet, men jag tror att det kommer att bli super!!

  4. Lilla molnet är ett jättebra namn och en skitsnygg ring Maria. Du kanske skulle göra en serie smycken med namnet Lilla Molnet, halsband, ringar, armband...det måste vara häftigt att göra saker i vax.