Friday, 12 February 2010


The weather here is a little more crazy then I'm used to. It's more an event. It's not really something that just kind of happens around you and most of the time it's very similar. Like in London. It's funny I actually know a lot of people in London who say they like London weather as it's so different every day. I can't really see the difference in 9 months of drizzle and overcast. But then again, You do not get the same level of excitement among the population when it's nice. In London when the first proper summer weather comes along the whole place is buzzing.

Yesterday Melbourne was flooded. As you can see in the pictures. These are from the City Centre. Can you see how much rain fell, in one day. They say this rain is moving towards Sydney.

Currently it's 37.7 degrees outside and it's crazy humid. It's that type of heat that just drags you in, your enveloped by the heat and the stickiness. I'm not used to it at all. People here do seem to take it in it's stride. Just stay indoors. You can feel that a huge thunderstorm is building. They say the rain is coming after 7 tonight. I hope I will have time to get home before it hits. Someone has set up a meeting for 5 o'clock on a Friday afternoon, 5 PM on a Friday. That is after beer o'clock, like asking that no-one is going to pay attention to what you are saying. .

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  1. Herregud vilket väder Maria, helkonstigt!! Överlever du värmen? Man dricker väl bara en massa vatten och rör sig låååångsamt? Men vilka hftiga bilder från melbourne. Hur ser det ut i Sydney? Ska vi skypa söndag?