Sunday, 14 February 2010


Today it's valentines day, international day of soppiness and over priced red flowers. More importantly thought it's the 10 year anniversary of mine and Mr T:s first date. At the time I wasn't really aware that it was valentines day when he asked me if I wanted to for a beer at the Old White Bear in Hampstead in London.

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasion Mr T had planned a very nice dinner at one of harbour cruises last night. It was really great, for many many reason. First of all it's always really nice if someone else plans a surprise for you and takes you out. Secondly I really love the harbour and enjoy the water. Thirdly this particular cruise had so many many wonderful weird people on it that I have material for laughter for weeks.

To start with they had a dinner “band” that was playing and singing love ballads of course, it was complete with a Chinese Diana Ross. In full electric blue out cat suit, emblazoned with a range of different rhinestones attached at the halter-neck as well as at the huge bell bottoms of the trousers, the outfit was complete with a giant permed afro. She sang her hearth out alternating with trying to speak like an American in the mid-song banter, but with a heavy Chinese- Australian accent.

We also had a strange porny couple next to us, you know the type of couple where you wonder where in the world they would have met as they are so different. Then you remember on-line world of war craft, I can just imagine what their avatars would be.. Anyway, he looked like a very quiet, early balding, insisting on longer hair engineer, the type of guy that attend KTH in Sweden and never really have spoken to girls per se. Hence have a lot of strange ideas about how girls should be and are.

And she was, dyed bright red haired, huge bosom, kind of kinky looking. And Jesus they had either just met or they where giving the rest of the world value for money. You know the the type off couple, the ones that uploads their own home made porn on YouTube. Anyway, they where sitting next to us and she was taking probably 100 sexy pose photos of her, her and him and just him. Then a few glasses in to their wine bottle she starts sucking and licking his fingers, and all I can think about is whether he would have washed his hands when he went to the bathroom. Anyway, they where weird and very external in their enjoyment of each other and quite loud, so I didn't need to eavesdrop to know as much about their lovemaking as I do today.

We also had a table with single girls, who where up point dancing when Chinese Diana Ross sang “I will survive”. Which is a funny song to have at a “love cruise” being the ultimate break up f*ck off song. In addition we also had a table of Japanese business men who stole Chinese Diana Ross'es mike and decided it was karaoke time.

I must say I really enjoyed this harbour cruise. The food was good and the entertainment around us was priceless.

ps. I stole the picture from the cruise company website, cause again I didn't bring a camera...ds.


  1. hihi. I've been watching sex and the city a lot the last couple of weeks, and this sounds just like something that could happen there:) I got roses with videung this morning from O, and he got the whole apartment vacuumed:) That's how romantic I am:) puss!

    ps: förlåt min dåliga engelska stavning, är på jobbet och måste låtsas skriva om skidskytte!ds

  2. Hej mina döttrar, själv var jag på släktkalas i Gierttaföreningen på Kvarnen och meningen var att vi skulel ha årsmöte också...d43t var lite högljutt och hälften av oss, som varit på Krist9offers 40-årsfest på lördagen, var ganska trötta...fick ett fint silverarmband desginat Georg Jensen vilket fick mig att inse Maria hur extremt tidig och outstanding du är i din design; hjälmfotingen och GJ passar så bra ihop!!Och Vis, jag letar efter rörliga bilder på OS-sajten men hittar dem inte. Däremot läste jag om dig under "vi som jobbar med OS". Saknade bild...kramar

  3. Jag älskar kortet, jag måste sätta upp det på mitt bord.
    Alva har sett fram emot allahjärtans dag i flera veckor och fått för sig att det är något i stil med julafton, som man absolut skall ha en önskelista för. Vi har försökt att dämpa hennes förväntan, men det har varit förgäves. Hon har argument som "man skall ju ge dem man älskar presenter på alla hjärtans dag, och ni älskar ju mig mest i hela världen, och då borde jag ju få mest i hela världen". Vad gör man då som förälder? spelar med och anpassar verkligheten efter kartan, hon är ju bara 5 år, och det kan väl vara roligt med en presentdag. Eller tar man den hårda smällen av en oundvikligen besviken 5-åring, som bara vill ha lite mysigt på alla hjärtansdag, men som missförstått storleken på dagen? Vart är Malin Alvén när jag behöver henne som mest?