Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Remember Green

Remember this green wax mould that I made for my first wax carving class. Well it looks like this now. It's all grown up and made of silver now.
And it got a sister ring, that I actually prefer to the first one. This one was actually just me trying out filing straight lines in wax. The technique is quite different as wax is so very much softer it's hard to get sharp edges. But here you go, one ring full of edges.
Here they are together. They are both rather solid pieces, and I haven't decided if I want to polish them all shiny or leave this course texture they come in when they come out of the casting. I think the matt finish kind of makes them a little different.
I wont be making many things this week. I have developed really bad RSI in my right arm/wrist so I can't use it properly. Everytime I try to grip anything it feels like someone is pouring hot fire inside my right arm. So this week the arm will rest and I will focus on photographing the things I made. I far better quality then the above photos I hope.


  1. I love the second one. They are both nice but the second with this rough look is my favorit

  2. I also think you should keep the rough look! they're both great, and a new design language for you it seems? I think that a buff ring like that will look great on teeny tiny fingers, like mine... no, but it will be a great contrast on a womens hand I think. Not only for boys.

    And what does RSI stand for?

    Och äntligen skriver du igen, som jag längtar efter dina inlägg när du tar paus några dagar.

  3. Superfina ringar. jag gillar dem skarpt. Vi har haft värmebölja här, och det har varit plus grader. Men nu är kylan tillbaka!!
    Saknar dig! Kram Syrran

  4. Fantastiskt fina ringar Maria, jag gillar också den andra bäst, den som är liksom rak i sina snittytor. Den andra ser ut som en blomma, jättefin, men kanske mer för barn. Saknar dig!