Friday, 18 December 2009


Today it's bring your child to work day, the place is brimming with people under 4 feet tall. It is a change in mood on the floor today, normally guys who sit around swearing and making fart jokes making sure to stake out their territory of desk space and ownership of pens are handing out chair space and stationary solely based on the fact that the person asking is so short.

I think it shows a little hummanity in this strange society. It is very nice to see, eventhought they are all very loud and I have almost tripped over one of them at least twice.

Today it is also bucketing down rain, which is great as there has been so many bushfires out in west Sydney, but it also raining on the day that Sydney busses decided they where going on an unplanned 24 hour strike. I was fortunate to be able to hail a cab as I start early in the morgning, but I can't imagine what it was like for people who get into the office around 9. Most of them would have had to work.

So I hope the rain gives up in the afternoon so that I can walk home. Feels a bit wastefull going on two cab trips in one day.


  1. We have 30 cm of snow, and it's beatuful outside. I love the idea with "bring your kids to work day".
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I just got a bad back. It wasplanned that I should slide with "pulka" together with my grandkids tomorrow. I hope that my back is better then. Later on commimg week I will test mynew downhill skis. Real winter is beuteful!!