Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Excuse the crap photos

But I'm really exited to show my Christmas tree and all the ornaments I have made. The 1 of December in Australia is the first day of summer and also the first day when you can put your Christmas tree up. Normally I would not have a Christmas tree, but this year we are celebrating Christmas for the first time in our house. So I get a Christmas tree.

And I have a lovely fake 17 dollar tree from Coles (the supermarket). My plan was that I was going to make so many ornaments that you wouldn't be able to see the actual fake tree. But I forgot how darn long these beaded stars takes to make. The felt figures I made last year, so that is cheating a bit I guess.

Now we do have quite a bit of decorations in our tree, I think Mr T would like to make it even more sleek and streamlined. He has for example banned tinsel (but said nothing about bead garlands so that might make an appearance at the end of the week, who knows).

So please excuse the crap photos, it's hard to take photos indoors without a flash and no tripod.
But I give you My Super Tree 2009


  1. Åh vad fin!!
    Den blev ju supervacker, du har gjort fantastiska stjärnor. Hemma jobbar vi mest med tejp, toarullar, äggkartonger och silkespapper. Vad tror du Mr T tycker om det?

  2. Its fantastic!!! I am happy that have a gutfeeling that it may be one ornament on its way to Europe. Hopefully it will arrive in good time before the 23:rd (the day we decorate our trea:

  3. Maria, you're so damn talanted! I want to be able to make ornaments like those... I like tinsel, O likes small yarn santa clauses, and we have glass angels aswell in our tree. And ofcourse sea shells and coral peaces I found in Egypt, it's a mediterranean tree!

  4. Det är så vacket så vacket Maria, du är så himla duktig.

  5. Its a shame I didn't get to learn how to make them from you this year :(

    Looks gorgeous!