Wednesday, 16 December 2009

a clear first world problem

I went to the hairdresser last night, 3 hours it took them and I look no different really. I think it was one of those classic cases of this guy standing and snipping in the air around my head. You can't see much difference except perhaps I'm a little blonder and I smell nice of the product that he put in it afterwards.

What is with hairdressers believing I want to have hair like the 1980:s version of Princess Di.

I'm fully aware that this is only a problem for people who live in the developed world with far to much time on their hands and a job that allows their brains to run wild as it requires no talking

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  1. Jag har samma problem, jag ser alltid ut som princessan diana när jag klipper kort hår. Jag tror det har med hårstruktur och kindben att göra. Eller kanske dina sorgsna ögon som beror på att Charles inte förstår dig och Camilla är dum?