Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I had some very strange and scary nightmares last night. It is strange as I can replay them as a film in my head. I don't always remember my dreams but this one was so surreal that I'm happy that I remembered it. It would make a great scary movie, that I would never go and see as I hate scary movies.

It's winter, the snow lies high in the landscape. It's very cold and for some reason I'm out walking in the Forrest close to where we live in the dream. We live in a big apartment building shaped a like parentheses. The back story is that we have some kind of organisation that is close by, with a huge house which is a church or some other volunteer organisation, but actually it's a front for drug dealing, child labour and a brothel. They apparently weren't able to choose what bad things to do on the side of their volunteer work. As I'm walking in the Forrest I am thinking about a meeting with Mr T's best friend (in the dream, who will turn out be the leader of the bad organisation but I don't know this yet, except in that film way I still know this already) where he has been talking about his new girl friend who has gone missing, she is a beautiful, eastern European girl with raspberry red hair. He hasn't heard from her and he is very worried.

As I'm walking along I suddenly realise that the Forrest have change, it's still a forest but it's covered with a glass ceiling, but there is another forest growing on top of the glass ceiling. I can see the bottom of this Forrest, with the roots of the trees hanging down and the snow lying in patches on the glass. As I'm looking up I'm seeing this outer worldly beautiful young girl with raspberry red hair. She is yelling something to me through the glass ceiling in a language I do not understand but I believe to be Russian or possibly Lithuanian. She is yelling something important, but I do not understand until she yells Barbara Streisand, I touch my face and I realise I have a huge nose.

She is running fast through the Forrest and I'm running after to try to see where she is going so I can help her. She needs help and I'm trying to save her. Then I get to a huge cottage style house, it's dark and ominous but I decide to go in anyway (as you do In scary movies). I get into a huge hallway where the walls are clad in pine, it looks very much like a alpine chateau but American style huge with 20-30 rooms or more. I take my shoes off as you do in alpine houses and as I'm sneaking through the house a dark haired woman comes out of what appears to be a kitchen and she is yelling at me as she is mistaking me for the cleaner. So I step on top of the floor washing brushes and starts to clean the floor Pippin Longstocking style. I realise that I'm in danger, as soon as she realises I do not speak the language that she is yelling at me I will be caught and probably locked up so I decide to get out of the house. As I'm rushing to put my shoes back on she is starting to run towards me to stop me from leaving the house and the shoes wont go back on, the heel keeps folding on, so i run out the house with just the one shoe on. I know this is dangerous as it's very cold outside and I might get hypothermia, but I know that I'm in more danger in the house.

As I finally get out the door the lady is rushing after me and she has a frying pan which she uses to launch big snow blocks after me as I'm running down the snow covered road. As I'm running along I see two young girls who are standing outside a big red house in red snow suits and white winter hats with big furry balls on their heads (not unlike the winter hats I used to have as a child) and they are also throwing icy snowballs after me...

And then I wake up..and it's only 1 am. And I've just stared in my own at least 3 hours long scary movie.

The thing I don't get is where the two young girls came from. I think they looked a lot like me and my older sister did as kids.


  1. Hallå där! Här engagerar du hela familjen i att fundera på en nya karriär till dig, när det är så himla uppenbart att du skall vara skräckfilmsmanusförfattare. Ush vad hemskt att drömma så där, och med tanke på hur många timmar man skall sova så lär du ju hinna med några filmer varje natt.

  2. Låter nästan som den där kultskräckisen med Jack Nicholson där han ska sköta om ett hotell på vintern och han blir tokig och försöker döda sin fru och barn. Usch!

    Din stackare, hoppas du slipper liknande drömmar i natt. Att skriva drömdagböcker är väldigt bra, för när man sedan läser den några veckor senare kan man oftast analysera drömmen mycker bättre. kram!

  3. Hu hemskt dröm Maria, sluta med det! Inatt har jag för första gången på säkert fyra veckor sovit en hel natt och jag tror jag vet varför; jag vände bort klockradion så jag slipper se de där hemska små siffrorna ticka förbi varje gång jag vaknar till. Nu när jag vaknade var det stilla i rummet och då var det lättare att somna om. Tror jag.

  4. Måste ha vart en underbar dröm. Äntligen fick du lite svalka i det hemskt heta 30-gradiga Sidney vädret!!!! Skämt å sido, mardrömmar fastnar ju. Det enda raka för mig är att gå upp och göra nåt å gå tillsängs igen!!