Monday, 21 December 2009

Lusse Bullar

As I said before this year there will be a different kind of Christmas for me, it is not the first time I spend Christmas i a hot climate, but it feels more different this year anyway. With all the heat and the sun I have found it hard to grasp that we are in December, it is like for a December I need wet shoes, a runny nose and very busy shopping centres to get the Christmas feelings started.

To counteract the non Christmas feelings that I have been having Mr T and I have been very busy being Christmassy (which is by now my hate word and that is all Nigellas fault), we have made Lusse Bullar, which is a Swedish saffron bun, but they are not very saffrony as the saffron we bought weren't of very good quality. Next year I will make sure to get a more reliable saffron supplier then coles the supermarket. We have also made chocolate "kola", which is nice, I have already tried it many times, You know to make sure it's not gone off or anything.
While we where doing all this "Julstok" I was watching Nigellas Christmas, 4 hours of it. And let me tell you, she is one crazy lady and she is obsessed with pomegranate. Anything can be made better with pomegranate.

Me, I'm not a fan of pomegranate, I do not like any meat mixed with any fruit. But the strangest thing that happens in all of the Nigellas cooking shows is that at the end of episode, while the credits run, they always film her eating something smeared with cream or cheese or something else dairy based wearing her bathrobe alone in the dark in the kitchen. Like she is sleep eating or something.

I find that very disturbing, like she is eating as a secret and she can only really enjoy it in the dark all alone. I'm sure there is a technical term for that type of behaviour.


  1. THe buns looks tereffic. Sorry that the saffron wasn´t up to standards. I will ensure that the quality is better next year

  2. OK, as I'm an educated writer, I just wanted to shead some light on the fact that it spells lussebullar not lusse bullar. It's one word... Any-who, I think you're doing a great job at forcing the right christams spirit. I've had a shopping day in the city and trust me, it's nothing to miss. I hate stupid tall people that can't see me and therefore step all over me whil their shopping bags are all in my face. Stupid tall people... they should have one day when only short people are aloud to be in the stores. Stupid tall country... puss