Monday, 14 December 2009

Hot Christmas

This weekend we had glorious weather and I found myself thinking that it felt so strange to sit on the Danks street Christmas market listening to Christmas carols sung by the local church choir in 30 degree heat drinking diet coke. For one I don't normally drink softdrink but I had caffeine withdrawal headache and it was far to hot to drink coffee and most coffee shops version of an ice coffee here is a basically a milkshake with huge lumps of ice cream and some coffee in it. Very nice tasting but for us who has a limited tolerance of dairy product it's just not worth it.

I know this year it will be a very different experience with Christmas, I have bought a magazine which has Australian Christmas food in it, and it's quite exiting cause it's little bit more inventive then your average English roast turkey with gravy. Not that I'm slagging of the turkey, but you know, there is a limited interest in plain roast turkey from my side. So in this magazine they have a Lime roasted turkey, now I don't know what Mr T's parents are thinking about this one. I know they are looking forward to spending Christmas in the comparatively cool Sydney instead of the extraordinarily hot and humid north Queensland. So maybe they want sometime more traditional, old school roast. I think we will have to have a chat and decide what they want to eat. I promise not to force feed them pickled fish. Mainly because I have found any suppliers of pickled fish yet. I have however found a packet of gingerbread house pieces, that I'm planning to put together as decorations. Maybe even tonight. Now that I finished all the stars, I found last night that as soon as I don't have anything to do with my hands when I'm watching TV I tend to binge eat whatever is in the house and drink anything that is cool. Last night that meant cherries and white wine, which has lead to a slightly tired head today and really dodgy stomach. 1 kilo of cherries apparently is not that good for you almost as bad as an Australian Style Ice coffee.


  1. Spännande med nya smaker på jul, vi skall pröva att grava lax själva och göra en ny sort sill. Jag har också ett hett tipps på julgodis. Ta jordnötter, dumlekola, minimarschmellows, fikon och allt annat gott som du kan hitta. Blanda ihop det och häll mörkchoklad över. Bryt i bitar och vips - julgodis

  2. julmat ja hörni... Tycker det låter spännande med den nya sortens kalkon Maria, du lagar så god mat så jag tror nog the north queensland parents kommer digga det.

    Själv hade jag tänkt göra amarantbiffar eller rödbetsbiffar till mig själv och något med sötpotatis och fetaost. Sådant är livet i en aquaterians liv när hon tröttnat något på lax som hon ätit varje jul sen hon var 13... fast jag älskar rökt lax fortfarande. Mums.

    Julgodiset du föreslog Katarina låter toppen!