Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Fishy Legs

Today is raining and anticipating that it would get a little colder at night when the sun set and that I would have to be here a little later today I packed a pair of tights in my bag. The same bag that I use to carry my lunch, my lunch that was fish soup. My lunch that has leaked a little bit in the bag.

So the question is now, is it going to be better to have cold legs when I go home or have legs that smell like fish.

I think I'm going for warmth. I might get a seat on the buss as well with my fishy legs.


  1. your legs might smell like fish, but the fish has more bones...

  2. I would like to have seen you walking home with fishsmelling stockings. Where you followed by cats??

  3. nu får du allt ta och börja skriva lite oftare, vill läsa om dig åtminstone varannan dag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! basta!