Thursday, 18 March 2010

Round Kicking

They say that sometimes your greatest strength is your greatest weakness and for me that is so very true. I take things that I do very seriously, work and fun included. When I do things I like to think that I do them very passionately and I take great responsibility in the result.

At work this is good most of the time, except when I take things far to seriously and find it hard to focus on other things than just work.

This is my greatest strength but also my greatest weakness. In my free time the same rule prevails as I proved when I round kicked the clothes rack on the weekend because I wasn't able to wrap a present as nice as I wanted to be able to. (I told you I take things seriously).

I will now have to buy a new clothes rack as well as maybe rethink my serious strategy and mix up a little fun within it. As for this weekend I'm off to the country for a conference and who knows maybe my round kicking skills will be usefull in the team building events.


  1. På konferensen så kan Round kicking kan vara det mest effektiva sättet få tyst på de som festar i rummet brevid...

    Vad är det du tar så seriöst?

    Är det målet, dvs den perfekta paketinslagningen, eller är det vägen, dvs att upplevelsen av att göra en perfekt paketinslagning?
    Eller är båda lika viktiga?

  2. round kicking should be used on colleagues on all occasions. Or on neighbours trying to play the violin. O yes.

    I think it's hard to deal with that frustration you get when something does't go your way. When you want to scream or hit or throw things. Maybe do the yoga breathing technique, yay or what it's called.

    At least you kicked something that hopefully doesn't have feelings. PUSS

  3. Jag tror att vi alla ställer väldigt höga krav på oss själva. När vi inte uppfyller våra egna högt ställda krav blir vi förbaskade och frustrerade; man slår sönder garderobsdörrar eller sparkar runt. Om vi försöker sänka våra egna krav på oss minskar också frustrationen av att det inte blev så bra som vi hoppats. Jag jobbar skitmycket på den biten; och jag har insett att vi alla ställer de här kraven på oss. Vi måste nog försöka njuta lite mer av allt vi är. kramar