Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Music musings

I've got around to list two new things in my webshop this week. I was going to try to list something every day but I got very busy on Monday night with work dinner and such things.

Tonight Mr T put on a music channel on TV while cooking and I realised it such a long time since I've been watching music videos. I love music videos, I actually really like music. Eventhough I have quite appaling taste according to some.

But I realised I lost music in my daily life since I stopped going to the gym. I don't have a radio, spotify doesn't work here and I just haven't got around to focus on it. I hardly ever update my Ipod if it's not songs suitable for running.

Good music makes you really happy, I had totally forgot that. How scary is that.
Good music and good coffe qualify as things under 3 dollars that make you really happy. But now a band came on the tv which was rubbish that makes me remeber that shit music is enraging. Tricky business this music malarky.


  1. It must me so boring without Spotify! it's the best way of hearing new music, legally. But some of my favourites can't be found there unfortunately. O makes me hear a lot of new music, but I still like the same bands I did ten years ago best. I think you should invest in a radio, it's super for cooking dinner singing:)

  2. skriv mer skriv mer skriv mer skriv mer!!!

  3. Dear Maria haven't you got a radio in the Kitchen? I got two now actually, often I listen to Mika on the CD in one of the radios, and on the other I listen to commercial radio where ther's only music, no talk. Somtetimes to P1 but not that often really. I agree with Lovisa-write more!!