Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I have not been posting much lately as I have not been producing much lately as all I seem to have done is work things.

I did however sneak 10 minutes today at lunch to read this very interesting article about designing products that stick written by Megan Auman who designs and creates a range of different products, one of them being jewellery.

The first thing mentioned is how to work an "high level pitch" about your product. The basic statement of what you want your product to say and be. It gives you tips on how to achieve this.

I have such a problem with these kind of things. How can I make a high level pitch about my jewellery. What do I want it to say, communicate etc. I can't think like that. I feel stupid. I don't know what I want my jewellery to communicate, except that I want people to like it and think that the craftsmanship is good. Craftsmanship is probably the most important and good design...

how do you high level pitch that...

"Something that is well made and looks good", not so high level and not really a good pitch at all.


  1. jag kan se vad du menar, det kan vara svårt att komma på en sexig pitch om kvalité.
    Man jag tycker att dina smycken har en avskalad nordisk design, med en stor kärlek till materialet. Du framhäver alltid den egna skönheten i materialet.

  2. How about

    Unique design delivering high impact through exquisite craftsmanship?

    It's Budget today whoop whoop!


  3. A high level pitch ey?

    Hi, I'm Maria, and you better buy my jewellery or else... No, that aint good. Go with what Storasyster K says, scandinavian design and love for the material. That's super!

    Maybe I can pitch my self that way at job interviews? I'm Lovisa, made from Scandinavian products and I love working with my self... maybe I'll get a job as a stripper?