Sunday, 14 March 2010

One of those weeks

I has been a very busy and slightly confusing week, a lot of things has happened and I've not got a lot of stuff done except work. The work week culminating with me going with my boss to a gig in proper feral pub in Balmain. The music was good, Even I could tell that technically the guys who where playing (the name I can't remember) where very good. They had a hugely loyal fan base, it was some kind of 10 year reunion thing happening. The music was some kind of blues rock, I had to leave after a while, once I had heard one to many songs about sad women and driving cars I was out.

There where so much singing about driving in a car. I find these old men bands quite disturbing. It's all songs about leaving, being left and driving. Not very environmental at all, if you ask me.

Fun things I entered into a advertising space competition last week, and I won some add space at another blog which was really cool. Here is the link to my entry.

you can see my little add square that is at the top on this entry to the right, half way down the page. I think I'm going to have to ask someone I know who is good at design to help me make a professional looking ad.

I'm working on a ring for Mr T:s mothers friend, the ring is all but finished. All that is left is setting the stone. But I'm not gonna have time to do that until 2 weeks from now. Next weekend I have an conference with work. I have to go to out of the city and participate in team building activities. I don't know. There will be bugs there, I'm really not keen on bugs.


  1. äsch, come on! of course you like bugs, you're raced in the freakin' swedish forrest man! pretty ad!

  2. Maria coolt with the entry! Bugs...hmmm when you were a little girl you loved when ants where walking on your fingers. I don't think you have changed that much! hugs!

  3. Kul att du vann tävlingen, härlig bild på ringen.
    Spännde att de tar med en konsult på teambuildningen, det betyder säkert att du gör ett bra jobb.
    Har ni höst nu?
    Vi har vår och på torsdag börjar min cyckel säsong.

  4. Nice picture of the ring by the ad. I won´t get into the bug-duscusion. As far as I remeber there where no bug surviving you!!

  5. Hello treacle, my laptop appears to be working again. Bugs are evil and should be squished. I went to see "Girl with the dragon tattoo" at the cinema and I loved it - very authentic to the book and some good scenes of Stockholm! 1 week until Budget - bring it on!

    Monica xxx