Sunday, 7 March 2010


Last weekend I went to the library and borrowed another batch of books and I found a book by a very entertaining author calledMike Gayle with the Title the To-Do list. I didn't at the time that the book was a non fiction book as I didn't read the back of it. I choose cause it fit the colour theme of the week (white cover) and I recognised the name.

Mike Gayle has written loads of books, they are good books, entertaining books. If you want books for entertainment you can not fault them.

The To-Do list is a non fiction book about when he made a To-Do list of 1277 items that he needed to get done to become a fully fledged adult and the year that he took do it. The items differs from sorting out junk drawers to loosing weight and making a family tree.

I am myself a list maker, I make lists for everything, shopping lists, food lists, training lists, things I want lists, birthday present lists for me that I want, birthday present lists for what to buy for others, send card lists, activity lists etc etc...if anything that is to be done is not on my list, it will not get done. Ever. Hence the list, and the ticking of items.

I start every Saturday (most often Friday afternoon) a list of things that I want to get done this weekend. And this weekend on my list there was
1.Finish all photographs of jewellery
2.Edit photographs - you can see I have done this as I've added them to this post.
3.Write Item Descriptions for web shop.
4.Buy groceries
6.Buy a treat, Jeans...
7.Make earrings

So far I've ticket everything except 5 and 7.

So in fitting with this list making theme, I was thinking maybe I should make a master list. One big list of all those things that I want to do, finish off or start. And keep that list handy,

I think I will investigate if you can put a to do list on the blog, That will go on my list of things to do on Monday lunch time.

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