Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More dust

My friend John asked me if I had taken the photos that I put up earlier today, and I didn't.

But these ones I did take, I took them at about 7.15 this morgning from my balcony.

The dust has cleared now, but it's going to be windy in the coming days. So we'll see, we live in interesting times as they say.


  1. it looks like you've done something with the pictures in photoshop. So cool that things like this can actually happen. The weather in Australia is way cooler then in sweden!!!

  2. I thought it was something wrong with the pictures when I saw them, then I realised that it was for real!! So weird. And a nightmare. Love you

  3. Unbelivable colors... scary and cool!

  4. Spännade, jag ser fram emot att komma och hälsa på i ditt nya land. Vi kommer så snart Elvira kan mutas med film och sitta still mer än 20 sekunder...