Friday, 18 September 2009


I have not made a lot of things lately, I lost the making spark if you like since the last few weeks have been a bit overwhelming. I'm getting back on the horse by making some earings for a birthday present. Everytime I make earings I realise why I don't make earings very often, they are soo fiddly and annoying.

My brain is quite blank today, I've used up all my energy at work. So nothing fun in my head today, except my eternal question keeps rising to mind..

If dogs ruled the world, would they have toilet paper with tiny people printed on them...


  1. great ear rings! I think dogs would have things that they think are pretty, like hot dogs or shoes. that's what I think:)

  2. Lovley earrings Maria. I suggest that you put some price-spans at all your lovely things and let people buy them!! That would make things easier for you. Love you