Monday, 7 September 2009

Ben Folds ringing it in

On sunday night A and I went to see Ben Folds in the Sydney Operahouse; and wow it's such an amazing building. When you stand close to it it looks scaly, almost like snake.

The moon was bright yellow and shining on the scaly roof so wished I would have had a camera, other then my mobile phone camera which is truly rubbish as you can tell from the above picture.

The above picture is a forbidden picture of Mr Folds himself on stage. He was playing the whole concert on request. Before the concert started everyone could write on slip of paper what song they wanted to hear and then he would sing it. It was great, sometimes he forgot the lyrics but that was ok. And he made up at least 3 songs on the spot that where really funny. And he sang the Bitches aint shit, which was very to funny to hear in such a adult place like the operahouse.

The bitches aint shit is the a cover of a Dr Dre song, and it's really funny cause he has taken this quite literal hip hop song, and put beautifull beautifull music to it, such that for once you listen to the lyrics and realise how moronic it is.

Now during the concert that we saw last night, it was only Ben Folds and a big piano and that was it. So none of that extra stuff and people.

You can really tell it's a Dane that has designed the operahouse, it's all birch veener and concrete in ondulating shapes and sharp angles on the inside. It's like a very very upmarket IKEA.

Other than that I'm got a cold of life time, I feel like death warmed up. So now I'm gonna eat some soup and complain to A about how ill I am so he get's me some ice cream.


  1. I'm so jealous of you that you got to go to a Ben Folds concert! I'm getting all green over here... I really love his music and especially the lyrics, but if you read the wikipedia article about him, he seems a little bit like a guy that meets women, get them pregnant and then leave... but I hope he isn't like that. So... any plans on visiting europe some time in 2010? puss

  2. My mate Katrin is getting Married in Summer 2010, so I depends on if I need to have further surgery I think

  3. oh, grattis till Katrin! vad roligt! och lovisa säger detta, inte olle som det kommer stå...

  4. Ååååå vad jag blir avis på dig som fått se Ben Folds, en av mina favoriter. OCh vilken kul idé att spela önskade låtar, det är ju bättre än på disco där jag gick när jag var ung, där man ibland kunde få önska sig nästa låt. Håhå, låter underbart. Och så kul för Kattis, gratta henne från mig!