Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Walking slowly by ...then BAM..

I was sitting at my desk today, working away as you do, when a 2 cm cockroach walked past. I’m terrified of most bugs; cockroaches make me feel specifically sick. So of course I reacted with a loud yelp, took of my shoe and beat it to death. It seemed like a good solution.

The loud yelp however made people ask what had happened so I told them about the giant cockroach at my desk. So they came over to look. They deemed it so small it was totally insignificant.
Now I don’t think that is right. I think cockroaches of any size warrants a full on freak out. Then they tell me about the moths. Apparently in the spring, (first official day of Spring today) a huge migration of bogon moths happens in Sydney and it goes for about a month. As they are moths and a bit stupid they tend to fly into the buildings, in the lifts, in the toilets and all over the offices. Apparently last year you could not see anything in the toilets cause all these moths had flown in under the lamp cover and died. Apparently the crazy moths attack you when you go to the toilet.
This is due to start in the coming weeks. I will keep you all updated on any moth attacks. And I will increase my self defence arsenal with a can of bug spray


  1. Bläk! It must feel like you thought you moved to a civilized city, but really it's just a lot of tall buildings in the middle of nowhere! kackerlackor och malar, nä fy bläkans alltså!

  2. Hej!
    Jag skulle passa på att äta min eftermiddagsmacka och läsa din blogg. Ush, jag tappade aptiten direkt. Det kryper i hela kroppen. Kram

  3. Moths är alltså malar, fy sjutton va äckligt. Det räcker ju med dom som flyger inomhus på somrarna i Sverige, jag kan inte ens försöka jaga ut dem, de är äckliga. Jag blir alldeles knottrig av obehag. Nä finns bara en sak att göra; flytta hem!! Räcker med London, men Australien är på tok för långt bort.