Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Coldest Day

Today it was the coldest day since 1949 in Sydney. It was -5 in penrith this morning. Was still 16 degrees in the city at midday..

I'm not complaining. But i'm rahter cold as they don't know how to insulate houses here. It seems that when they put insulation in houses 16 year olds die. Not very good. They should send their old midnight oil leaders to sweden to learn about tripple glassed windows. Very toasty.

Somehow I can't get the reallt cute picture of eskimos I had lined up to load

so Imagine really cute enuits at the top of the page please


  1. Hello

    It's scorchio in London. I'm going to a swanky soiree at the top of the Gherkin tonight. Fnar Fnar. But I don't have a tan, just a few random burns on my shoulder where I missed out on the sun tan lotion.

    Exactly 5 weeks until nyc...yeah baby!

    Monica x

  2. Poor Australia, cold weather for one day. I'm actually weeping in Stockholm. No really, I AM!


  3. We had the warmest day this year yesterday in Stockholm. about 28 degrees. It was super. Now ist your time to have winter!!!

  4. cold cold cold...
    När vi åkte till västkusten förra sommaren var det 11 grader och regn, i mitten av juli.
    Jag tvivlar på om du får använda ordet kallt..