Thursday, 1 July 2010

brrrrr - square

My sister told me I'm not allowed to talk about that it is cold, as it's not really cold. I guess it kinda is if you are up in the mountains. A couple of funny things though, about the cold.
1. It's colder inside then outside. Peoples houses are like fridges, that they insist to sit in.
2. People are complaining about how long it has been this cold. I think maybe 3 weeks. And it's really only really cold when the sky is bright bright blue.
3. Its not that cold. But it is windy.

The stone above I bought to replace the stone I snapped the corner off. I hope they will like it. You never know with these things. I have to redo the setting a little bit. It's now to big, the stone is 1/2 a mm smaller in width. It's funny what a difference 1/2 mm makes. 1/2 mm is huge deal if you are a brain surgeon as well.

Or an eye surgeon. Maybe not so important if you just cut people in the leg.

Other than that. Life is good. The weekend will be quiet after the huge hallaballo that was on last Saturday. And I have gone against all my rules and bought low fat ice cream. I will sit in my fridge appartment and eat my low fat ice cream. And I will Love IT

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  1. I really like that everyone commented your last blog with the fact that it isn't that cold where you live. Hehe, swedes and their weather, ey?

    I have no idea how the first stone looks, but this one looks really cool. I wish you good luck with the setting!

    About good luck, Nigerias president is called Goodluck Jonathan, isn't that a cool name?