Monday, 7 June 2010

Hands and Other things

I have found out that the issue with my hand is inflammation in the tendons. This is good news. However right now I need to rest my hand and take anti-inflammatory medicin. So I will take a little rest from making jewellery. Or I will make less. I will fill the orders I have, and then not do some more for a while.

So I've been thinking about what I will do then with my spare energy. I was thinking I'd buy a sewing machine. First I was thinking I would just fix up my website. But then I realised resting my hand should mean no unnecessary typing as it is the typing that has been getting me into trouble. So no typing. But sewing should be alright, maybe.

So I was thinking, as I find that clothes in Australia are either very expensive or very ugly, I will have to learn to sew nice clothes. So you can expect me to look a little funny for a while until I get a hang of how the sewing machine works. Once I got one that is. I have a tendency to buy very colourfull fabrics and keep them in piles in my room. So I guess I'll just start with them. Expect to see me in a green stripy dress with a gigantic red flower on..or maybe a bright yellow pair of trousers with dandelions. Or hot pink with grey leaves. Those are the fabric I own at the moment. I never really buy fabric with a plan of what to make. I just buy them if I love the colour. My most favourite one is a Turquise sari fabric heavily embroided with gold...I wonder what I could make of that..

Other then that when they checked out the hand they found that I had some issues with discs poking out in the spine. Behind the shoulder blade. Which makes sense as I've had pain there for years. I just thought it was sitting with a bad posture. However after double checking with the super doctor (my auntie), she says it's fine to go running but stay away from the weights.

So that is good. Cause I don't like weights. But I like running.


  1. Things to do when you have to rest your hand (from someone who had tennis elbow for four years):
    1. learn how to "peka finger" with your toes. (I knew how to do that before the arm problems, but it's great do be able to do!)

    2. learn how to knit with the "wrong" hand. It's super hard!
    3. make hand puppets and put on a show for A!

  2. ojojoj, du blir aldrig helt frisk du.. precis som lilla syster. Är andra människor helt friska? (jag menar i kroppen, inte huvudet)
    Men handen är ju katastrof, det är inte mycket man kan göra utan händerna.
    Kanske sitta och prata med folk? Du kan gå med i en diskussionsklubb, eller politiskt parti i väntan på att handen läker

  3. Bright girls!! When I was 9 years odl I borke my right hand and had "gips" for three weeks and then I had to practise with my hand. Its these fingerbones that now are accing. Anyway, during this time I learned to write with left hand and that became a lifelong good habit;to use both hands. So practise your left hand, don't do any jewellerys and please learn how to peka finger with your toes. That will be a perfect photo taken in October and then be spread all over the world!!