Sunday, 13 June 2010

New Face Decorations

I have glasses. Not all the time, everyday, but when I read or work in front of the computer I wear glasses. As I never really wear them that much I have always bought very simple non-offensive frames that you don't pay much attention to nor pay much money for (Specsaves here I come)

These are my second best ones. The thing is that they are maroon....I'm not sure about maroon.

Anyway, as my sight is getting a little worse I now need new glasses. And I will need to wear more often. Hence I need to have a look for new frames that looks good and "enhance" my style if you like.

I want to get architect style glasses. You know the type, where you can tell from a long distance that this person is Scandinavian. I call them Scandinavian architect glasses. So Mr T and I walked into the city yesterday to have a look. It wasn't a good idea, by the time we got there we where both tired and grumpy. And of course I did not find any that I liked. I spent most of the time getting frustrated that I could not find anything, the people in the shop was unbelievable unhelpful and I ended up getting furious at the frog looking lady working in the shop and Mr T at the same time.

Hence we left without new glasses. But I do have some photos. So I need a little help. Which of all these glasses are the best ones. Or should I keep looking.
These ones above are my favourite ones. Mr T thinks they are to dark for my complexion and makes me look like I'm an angry librarian. I do not see why that is a problem. Maybe when I go to the library in the future they will treat me nicer and stop giving me fines all the time.
These are Mr T:s favourites. He thinks they make me look very intelligent. I think they look very much like the goggles I wear when I polish. The frames are also red. And my face get's red anyway easily, so they will blend in. But not in a good way.

These ones I like as well, except on the sides they have huge rhinestone D&G sign. And I'm not that big a fan of Dolce & Gabbana to start with, and I hate big logos. And I kind of think that If I'm going to walk around with advertising on my face I would like to get paid, not pay for it.

I like these ones the least. They make me look funny.


  1. The suggestion from Burkina is to keep on looking! I think both glasses with black frames are a bit too big for you teeny tiny face=) I get the look you're going for, but I think the frames should be a little bit thinner.

    The problem with red frames are that they will not contrast well to some clothes, it's easier with black, it goes with everything. Says the girl who wears black even in west africa... PUSS!

  2. Yeah, keep looking. Or take the angry librarian glasses. What about lenses? :)

  3. Hallo Maria I will skype you tomorrow morning. I prefer also the glasses Mr T preferd, they suite your face. Red frames are as Lovisa says difficult to match with different cloths and they look very often to käcka. Hugs!!

  4. Hi, you look smart!
    jag håller Andrew, och sen så gillar jag det första paret.

    Men du ser väldigt snygg ut måste jag säga!

  5. Hey, first of all is that the same red jacket you had in London? If so the cost per wear must be infinitesimal by now. :-)

    I think you should get a light, frameless frame.

    Hugs, Mon xx

  6. And here comes the correct answer:'
    Having to choose between the 5 exaples no 1 is absolutly no 1. But I think you need som other options. I think you should have the Scandinavian Arc look butt you must have smaller frames. Otherwise you risk that your glasses to look like early 70´. The swedish finaceminister Mundebo or Forigenminister Karin Söder.

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